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This biography is an intensely passionate, emotionally gripping and highly informative account of the life of an incredible 20th-century figure. Rosa Luxemburg nowadays is unfortunately usually known through badly summarized second-hand accounts at the hands of either liberals, tyros seeking in her figure (though never in her texts, or in facts) an uncorrupted version of socialism through the inexistent movement of Luxemburgism, Trotskyists seeking to find in her yet more proof of the mysteriously infallible words of Trotsky, or ignorant Marxist-Leninists who see her through the lenses of an anachronistic and absolutely outdated inner Party struggle in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Lastly, many still judge her from her debates with Lenin, which are for the most part irrelevant today, and only reflect two or three occasions when they debated incredibly specific topics on the nature of Party organization, the national question (which, in Luxemburgs case, was rightfully different, considering Poland), and other moments which say little about the both of them, and much about the context in which they debated. None of these, however, help elucidate Luxemburgs legacy, brilliance, and importance for anyone trying to understand Socialist and Communist history. While Frölich is undoubtedly a partisan in these struggles (caught in the confusing and at times impossible political positionings of the Party purges of the left and right deviationists), his perspective only comes to light toward the end, and it does not, for the most part, take away from the bulk of his achievement. The most impressive and intellectually enlightening account one can take from this book is to situate Rosa Luxemburg in her time period. Anyone who judges her from the atrocities and near-helplessness of the KPD leadership in January of 1919 is missing the wider scope of her contribution. After the October Revolution in Russia, the German movement moved from the spotlight of the international socialist arena, progressively toward the shadows, especially after 1923, and later, in 1933. Before then, however, specifically before the vexing about-face of the entirety of the Second International in 1914 (this book convincingly shows that the actions of many Social Democrats at the time was absolutely not determined by the course of the Parties, and could have been otherwise, especially after the resolutions of the Stuttgart congress), the term social-democrat was still a radical term, much like in the 19th century the term republican was used as a rallying cry for radicalism by Wilhelm Liebknecht and others who sought a better world. Rosa Luxemburg developed as an activist, theorist, thinker, and successful agitator in this time period when social democracy still frightened the European bourgeoisie. This was a time when Lenin and the Bolsheviks were still seen by everyone as a fringe group, a time when Lenin still saw Kautsky as a leftist (not to mention role-model for him) in the Party, and a time when anyone trying to build a working-class Party would have looked to Germany. Luxemburg also developed at a time when the left-wing of the entirety of the Second International could be counted on ones fingers, and when the women within this group accounted for an even smaller number. She also lived in a time when being a woman, not to mention Jewish, were both factors used against ordinary people, not to mention a radical activist.Within this context, Rosa Luxemburg rose to challenge Party leaders on a daily basis, earned their respect, and also came to be known as one of the leaders of the left within Social Democracy, along with Jean Jaures, Lenin, and many others who would later become symbols of the working class against the war. On top of this, she was an immigrant, and at times her accent showed, something which made her self-conscious at times, but never stopped her from making the most incisive and critical speeches in front of hundreds of people, including those who wished to see her dead or in prison. To describe her a brave, radical woman active in the workers movement at the turn of the 20th century still doesnt do her justice. Rosa Luxemburg also wrote profusely, and was one of the very few in the International who studied Marx, Engels, Smith, Ricardo, and many other political economists in order to understand the complex dynamic processes of Capitalism. Her scathing critique of Bernsteins work humiliated a well-respected Socialist of her day, but also surpassed Kautskys same criticism to the point where his is virtually unknown. Kautsky was the theorist and popularizer of Socialism par-excellence, and yet, Luxemburgs works became known among the most brilliant minds, often surpassing his position in the Party. Her work on the Mass Strike introduced a huge number of Socialists in her day to the idea of using the General Strike as a tool (many do not know that before this time period, the concept of mass strike was virtually only an anarcho-syndicalist tactic) and pushed the Party to the left progressively from 1905-1907 both theoretically, and through her militancy.Luxemburg also, perhaps almost uniquely, held the unique position as someone equally acquainted with the Russian, Polish, and German working classes. While at times her knowledge of the inner-Party politics of the Bolsheviks was scant, she nevertheless remained in contact with these three Parties for a long time, influenced and debated their programs and daily questions, and fought alongside a variety of different people in the 1905-1906 period. It should be remembered that during much of the time when she jumped into the frontlines in 1905-1906 and other occasions, Lenin was in exile, which gave him time to write which she did not have.And yet, we have vast volumes of her written work today, as she, in the midst of numerous dangerous struggles, repeated prison terms, incredibly violent and risky situations, she managed to write works such as The Accumulation of Capital, whose surrounding debates Frölich convincingly debunks or contextualizes. Rosa Luxemburg is a hero, and I recommend this biography to anyone trying to understand not only her, but the world of Social Democracy, of Lenin, and of International Socialism during a highly contentious, and dangerous time period.

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